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Learn what really matters and advance your career

With MYT Academy, you’ll have courses authored by expert which have 8 years of experience on Financial Markets. We will teach you practical skills which you can apply immediately.


Plan, Educate and Succeed with MYT Academy.
Trading is a journey that can last for a lifetime just like our MEMBERSHIP and KNOWLEDGE.
If you want to be THE BEST, learn from THE BEST. Join us in a right time before you will lost your money and time.


Would you go for a JEDI FIGHT without training ?

Same applies for trading. You need to stick to 2 or 3 currencies ,study their movement and plan your attack.
You’ll build repetitions, reflexes and knowledge. Soon enough you’ll master your currency like a Jedi and his lightsaber.

A Real Forex Jedi shall always be prepared..Or you and your account shall die in battle.
May the Forex Be with you. -Master Yoda FX .




Forex Trader

“I’ve been trading and learning forex for 2years since now.
I have tried with 2 educations beacuse I seriously wanted to learn how to trade.
But,those mentors with wich I was involved before didn’t have enough experiences or I can say that they didn’t have enough experiences in trading
After all those years I decided to start looking for someone else, for someone who is real and in who can I trust to.
Then I found a Kristijan Slatinsek and his Trading Academy Master Yoda and I’m so grateful that I found him and his Trading Academy.
And After first conversation with him I recognized that he has a lot of experience and knowledge about trading so I decided to join his academy.
Today Im in his academy for 2 months and I can say that my knowledge and account has finally starts to grow and now I can finally say that I understand the financial markets, why it moves and how it moves.
This are the reasons why I would like to recommend his Trading Academy to everyone who would like to learn and change his finances to everyone who would like to become profitable trader and I can guarantee that he is a far,far away from the others with his experiences and knowledge, you can immediately recognize that he has a years of experiences in trading.
He knows how to explain everything in really simple terms to understand,so there are no reasons that you will not understand.
And I can also say that He has a really good patient with us and he is there for us 24/7, so when we need him he is there for us.
Now I would like to stop and say big thanks to Trading Academy Master Yoda and I will once again said that this is the best opportunity far,far away for every who is willing to learn, thanks Master.”



Forex Trader

“🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝👍👍👍👍👍 the BEST!!!!!”



Forex Trader

“👌🏼🔝the best education and support 🔝”



Forex Trader

“Great educator, we have been working together for a half year and I am more then happy with results and education! This was more then I expected and I love forex more nooow! 🤩💪🏻
Thank you Master Yoda 🙏🏻”



Forex Trader

“The BEST Forex educator, with lot of knowledge and experience in trading. He’s ready to help his students at any time until (and after) they become profitable forex traders. Highly recommended from me 💪💪💪”



Forex Trader

“So far the best trading group,great people,patient mentor,good results and really true profitabile academy 👌👌👌👌



Forex Trader

“ I was searching for right place to learn about financial market and then finnaly found Master yoda academy! And I’m very proud to be part of it! Kristijan Slatinšek is the best mentor that you can find! Becouse he always support his students and never give up on them! Defintely man with biig heart! ”