Our Story

With 8 Years of experience

“We are the pioneers of Forex, Crypto and stock market”

Who Am I

Hi.. My name is Kristijan and i've been trading for about 7 years on forex, crypto and stock market and there was a many ups and downs. Let me tell you my story about how I started.... My start was in 2012 with binary option trading where I've learned that you can not trade like a gambler in casino. In my mind was also there must be a way where i can close my trade by my own so I've started with Forex Trading. At the beginning of my career I've lost 15.000€. I went trough a lot of things in this years. I've bought a courses where they were teaching me about support and resistance (which of course doesn't work) , learning about candlestick patterns, head and shoulders formations and all those which makes no sense. My account has proven that this stuff doesn't work. Then I gave up on buying courses and watching all those free stuff on youtube. Since I've seen potential on Forex market, I just seat in front of my screens and study the charts, why they move, how they move and i was always interested to learn how to catch big moves like bank did. So finally after all those years I can say that I've learned how to catch them like a big boss. All my losses in my first years were just an Investments in my self and my knowledge, I can say that I've just paid my school. Although I was losing money in my first 4 years of trading only last 3 years are now profitable.

My journey thought all those years has made me a profitable trader and since i helped so many people around me i decided to help others too. My academy is special because I'm not interested in Multi Level Marketing to sell my Knowledge like hamburgers in McDonalds. This is why I'm focusing on my traders and teach them how to trade for a living and get skills to change their life for ever. "MAY THE PROFIT BE WITH YOU"

What We Do

We are an educational company which will improve your trading skills and help you to become profitable. We will give you the equipment to enter the market with full of knowledge.

We will prepare you to understand the market without using any indicators.